Apple Release Urgent iPhone Updates But Not For Pegasus Zero-day

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 26, 2021 06:20 am PST


It has been reported that Apple has issued a warning about a ream of code-execution vulnerabilities – some of which are remotely exploitable – and experts are emphatically recommending an ASAP update to version 14.7 of iOS and iPadOS. Unfortunately, you aren’t getting a fix for the flaw that makes your iPhones easy prey for Pegasus spyware. 

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Hank Schless
Hank Schless , Senior Manager, Security Solutions
July 26, 2021 2:22 pm

<p>iOS is the prevalent operating system across government bodies for a number of reasons. iOS updates are pushed to every Apple device user at the same time. Apple is able to do this because they’re the only company that manufactures devices that run their own operating systems. This gives them an advantage over Android because there are so many device manufacturers that can build devices that run Android OS. For that reason, there’s significant lag time in an update being released and every Android device receiving it. iOS is also more locked down in nature than Android, which is built on Linux and other open-source software. </p>
<p>Software vulnerabilities are an inevitability with any mobile operating system or application. Every organization, not just those in government, needs visibility into what these vulnerabilities are and where they’re present across their mobile fleet. Apple has been quick to release patches when high-profile vulnerabilities are reported to be exploited in the wild, but it’s on the end user to actually install those updates. All organizations should have a mobile vulnerability and patch management tool in place. It helps them visualize where these risks are and enforce policies that require employees to update their devices to the latest versions if they want to access corporate resources.</p>

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