Why Is GDPR Still Not Being Treated Seriously Two Years On?

It’s sad, but unsurprising, that digital privacy regulations introduced in Europe over two years ago are in danger of failing because regulators are under-resourced. As we mark the second anniversary of the introduction of the GDPR, a report by Brave – makers of a pro-privacy browser –found that “European governments have failed to equip their […]

The Importance Of Educating Staff On Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity should be a priority for all businesses and there is no excuse for failing to take the matter seriously in 2020. Staff must be adequately equipped to deal with threats; businesses must understand the importance of adhering to data protection laws; and consumers should be aware of their rights.  The importance of educating staff […]

The Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic Email Leak

Almost 2,000 transgender patients had their personal details leaked by a leading London gender identity clinic last week. A member of staff at The Charing Cross Gender Identity clinic accidentally CC’d patients into an email revealing the names and email addresses of hundreds of other clients. The leak represents a serious breach of patient confidentiality […]