For Achieving Solid Digital Identity

Shall we start from these observations? – No safe and orderly societal life would exist without solid identity assurance. No solid identity assurance would exist without solid secret credential for identity authentication, whereas the text-password as a conventional secret credential is no longer manageable. Then, we will naturally get to the view that we could […]

Identity Assurance And Teleworking In Pandemic

Pandemic-resistant Teleworking – We started to use this phrase five years ago as a use case of Expanded Password System that provides ‘hard-to-forget’, ‘hard-to-break’ and ‘panic-proof’ digital identity authentication platform, though it was no more than a hypothetical statement at that time.  We now witness the pandemic assaulting us before we get ready.  We were […]

Digital Identity And Episodic Memory

In the earlier article “Secrity, Democracy And Digital Identity” , we made clear that we should look for ‘something other than the text password’ in the domain of ‘Secret Credentials’ and referred to the proposition of Expanded Password System.  We would like to talk more about what Expanded Password System specifically offers in this article.  What our Remembrance […]

Security, Democracy And Digital Identity

Security, Democracy and Digital Identity We are facing several grave threats, some real and imminent, some theoretical or imaginary.  At the top of the imminent threats list is probably the climate change, which is also viewed as an existential risk. We could be somewhat hopeful on this threat; thousands of professionals and politicians debating how […]

Farewell To Text Password

We are witnessing a critical turning point in the history of identity assurance – transition from the time-honored seals, autographs and textual passwords towards Expanded Password System. The worst part of the global password predicament will melt away when people are offered a broader password choice. Expanded Password System that we advocate accepts images as […]

Outstanding Features of Expanded Password System

Password Security Policy Template

People who enjoy handling images will gain better security and convenience.  The only extra effort required is to get the images registered. But people already do that across social media platforms and seem to love it. So far, only texts have been accepted.  It was, as it were, we have no choice but to walk […]

Identity Authentication Caveats

Caveats about ‘Password’ Sometimes the word ‘Password’ is narrowly interpreted as ‘remembered text password’ and sometimes it’s taken broadly as ‘whatever we remember for authentication’. We are of the view that it would be desirable to define ‘Password’ broadly enough. As a denotational definition, it could be ‘Whatever we remember and recall volitionally for identity […]

Four Puzzling Issues of Identity Authentication

– Takeaways from Consumer Identity World USA 2018 – Introduction The so-called password-less authentication, if implemented literally, would lead us to a world where we are deprived of the chances and means to get our volition confirmed in having our identity authenticated. It would be a 1984-like world. The values of democratic societies are not […]

Identity Assurance By Our Own Volition And Memory

Summary In an earlier article we briefly referred to Expanded Password System (EPS) that accepts both images and texts as the shared secrets. The proposition of EPS is now acknowledged as a ‘Draft Proposal’ for OASIS Open Projects that OASIS has recently launched as a new standardization program. We have publicized an EPS draft specification […]

Confused Reports Still Circulating Rampantly

– Biometrics Co-Used with Password – On a number of tech media still circulating so rampantly are confused reports about the password and biometrics deployed in cyberspace. We could assume that the people who circulate the befuddled perception may well have mixed up the following two views. A: Biometrics brings some security (better than nothing). […]