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Air Canada Data Breach: BianLian Extortion Group Claims A Massive Heist Contrary To Airline's Earlier Statement
October 12 , 2023 by Mike Newman
“These are worrying claims that could mean criminals have access to highly sensitive information t...
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Cyberattack On Lyca Mobile Disrupts Services, Echoes Need For Strengthened Cybersecurity In Telecommunications Sector
October 05 , 2023 by Mike Newman
This is an example of a cyberattack having very real and physical impacts on society. Last Friday, s...
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Storm-0324 Threat Group Expands Attack Vectors, Targeting Microsoft Teams
September 15 , 2023 by Mike Newman
“This is a sophisticated phishing scam that will catch out many victims because they will not real...
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Schools Warned Of Cybersecurity Threats At The Start Of New Academic Year
September 06 , 2023 by Mike Newman
“The schools in the UK are under attack and it is essential they put the NCSC's recommendations fo...
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FBI Dismantles QakBot Botnet In Largest-Ever Cybercrime Operation
August 31 , 2023 by Mike Newman
“This is a big win for law enforcement because Qakbot is a sophisticated banking trojan that has c...
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St Helens Council Targeted In Suspected Ransomware Attack
August 23 , 2023 by Mike Newman
“Given that this incident follows a long string of ransomware attacks on UK councils, St Helens sh...
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Major Data Breach In The UK: Electoral Commission Systems Compromised Affecting Over 40 Million Voters
August 09 , 2023 by Mike Newman
“Based on the information available, it sounds like the attack is still being investigated, but th...
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Apple Will Be Launching Passwordless Logins, What Do You Think?
June 09 , 2022 by Mike Newman
Passwords are the oldest form of authentication, and their effectiveness decreases as our reliance o...
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2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, Cyber Security Experts Reactions
May 25 , 2022 by Mike Newman
The Verizon DBIR provides further evidence around the dangers credentials present to organisations....
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Government Advisory - Top Attack Vectors
May 18 , 2022 by Mike Newman
This joint advisory provides great intelligence for organisations around the ways attackers commonly...
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British Man Charged With Hacking US Bank Computers
May 12 , 2022 by Mike Newman
This is yet another example of how stolen credentials have been used to gain access to critical acco...
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Cyber Security Experts Reacted On T-Mobile Breach 
April 26 , 2022 by Mike Newman
This latest breach on T-Mobile is yet another example of how attackers are relying on credential the...