What Can We Learn from the Year of the Breach?

Dubbed ‘the year of the breach’, 2014 saw information security breaches increase among small and large businesses at an exponential rate. According to figures published by PwC in its Information Security Breaches Survey 2015, 90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses suffered a security breach last year. Ranging from malicious email attacks designed […]

Four Ways to Promote Safer Cyber Security Practices Among Staff

Maintaining online data security is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses – especially as flexible and mobile working now sees employees accessing information from a range of locations. No company can afford to appear unreliable when it comes to cyber security. Here are four ways to promote its importance among all of your staff, […]

The Internet of Things and the Implications for Cyber Security

The interconnected network of electronically embedded objects or devices, referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), is on the rise within both businesses and homes in the UK. It was the subject of a recent report by application testing technology firm Veracode, and the company found that it presented very real implications for personal […]

In The Wake Of The Interview: How The US Responded To The Sony Hack

Over two months after the attack by hackers on Sony Pictures, the cyber security landscape is still very much in the public eye. With notable hacks reported every week, firms big and small as well as governments are having to respond. Many of them are taking their lead from the US response to the Sony hack. […]

Cyber Security Issues and the Computer Games Industry

Hacking has started 2015 much as anyone in the cyber security industry would have expected. From US Military Command accounts to phone calls, it seems that nothing is untouchable. In much the same way, the computer games industry is also a valid target for cyber criminals. Hacking around the Christmas tree The vulnerability of games consoles […]