Big Organisations Have Already Been Hit With Fines

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 29, 2018 02:00 am PST

Dr Guy Bunker, SVP of Products at Clearswift commented below as part of security experts comments series on the recent news that Google, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram have already been hit by GDPR regulations.  

Dr Guy Bunker, SVP of Products at Clearswift:

“Firstly, this is what was predicted. Organisations and individuals need to be aware that this was always going to be the case. The big names mentioned have armies of lawyers to take this on, however for smaller businesses they don’t. We expect to see increased phishing attacks to see how prepared organisations are to respond to requests. Which is why preparation for the May 25th has been so important for many organisations.

“As an individual, it is worth knowing that there will be scams or phishing attacks which are going to occur and not to fall foul of the people doing this. So, if you are approached, don’t fall into the ‘trap’ of being offered money etc. as the fines are levied against the organisations so there won’t be a ‘payout’ to individuals. If the organisation is in breach, then there may be some level of compensation due – but don’t count on it happening in the near term, if at all.”

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