BotenaGo Botnet Highlights Wider Gap In Cybersecurity Preparedness

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 19, 2021 05:22 am PST


Earlier this week, researchers at AT&T Labs revealed the BotenaGo, a botnet with the potential to infect millions of routers and IoT devices. The research team at AirEye, the industry’s leading network airspace protection company, immediately recognized this as an example of “Antenna for Hire.” 

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Amichai Shulman
Amichai Shulman , CTO and Cofounder
November 19, 2021 1:28 pm

<p>With this type of botnet at hand we can definitely expect to see expansion from one Wi-Fi network to a nearby Wi-Fi network through the air. An attacker wanting to conduct a wireless attack against any company can now hire one of these compromised devices in the proximity of the target company. Not only does this allow them to bypass firewalls, NAC, and ZTNA segmentation protocols, but it removes the need to actively find and compromise an Antenna for Hire, allowing them to focus their efforts and resources on the other aspects of their attack. </p>
<p><br />Comprehensive Network Airspace Control and Protection (NACP) blocks any interaction between an Antenna for Hire and a Wireless Receptor within the organization, ultimately protecting against such a wireless attack scenario. In fact, NACP is the only type of technology that 1) can protect against such wireless attacks; and 2) is able to \"tell the story\" of such an attack, including pinpointing the Wireless Receptor that the attackers would have attempted to use as a bridge into the corporate network.</p>

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