Criminals Are Using Deepfakes To Apply To Remote Jobs, Expert Response

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 29, 2022 07:59 am PST

Following the FBI’s warning around criminals using deepfakes to apply to remote jobs, Information security experts reacted below highlighting the danger of deepfakes.

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Andy Patel
Andy Patel , Researcher
June 29, 2022 4:01 pm

Deepfakes-enabled scams are clearly on the rise this year. Combining PII and deepfakes is a new tactic. Luckily, the fact that deepfakes mechanisms generate content of relatively low-quality means that they are easily detectable, even to the human eye. However, the tactics described by the FBI will pave the way for future campaigns based on more mature deepfakes technologies that will eventually be much more difficult to spot. Ultimately, what we’re seeing here is identity theft being taken to a whole new level.

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