Cyber Security Requires A New Approach

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 17, 2018 11:21 am PST

The recent boom in cyber crime means it is no longer a problem reserved for IT departments. It’s now a responsibility for the entire organisation – from C-level executives to those in marketing and sales, everyone must work together to tackle the threat.

Traditionally we have seen the majority of attacks aimed at businesses that hold valuable data and information, such as those in insurance or financial services. But with hackers growing more sophisticated and looking to pick apart system vulnerabilities anywhere they can, no one is safe. This is why effective cyber security is vital.

Here are some steps all businesses can take to mitigate the cyber threat…

Know your business

 It might sound obvious, but businesses need a deep understanding of any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in their systems. Only then can they implement the right measures for their specific needs.

Adopting a risk-based approach can be useful in this regard. This can help businesses to analyse their attack surface, the existing defences measures they already have in place and any areas where improvements could be made. All of this can then be sorted into three categories: Technology, people and processes.

Identify the hurdles you face

 Having an understanding of the obstacles that lie ahead can help to make the cyber security journey that bit easier. Challenges typically include a lack of cyber security expertise within the business, and difficulty in understanding all solutions and vendors in the market. Effective protection often requires multiple tools, but this can increase overall complexity.

Look to the future

 With cyber criminals becoming increasingly sophisticated, businesses must be constantly alert to avoid an attack. Most notably, the specific devices being targeted will change over time: while nowadays laptops and computers are the primary focus, mobile phones will soon be the priority.

Work with a security partner

There is only so much that businesses can do themselves, which is why many choose to work alongside a trusted security partner. With their deep knowledge and expertise, working closely together can help to further strengthen the defences in place and ensure that every step taken is an efficient and effective one.


No business wants to fall victim to a damaging cyber attack, but as time goes on it’s getting harder and harder to avoid them. However, by following the steps above and working with the right specialist security partner to optimise all efforts, organisations can rest assured that they have done all they can to keep the threat at bay.

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