CyberSaint Releases New California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Framework For Rapid Assessment And Compliance Management

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 05, 2019 04:30 am PST

Enables CISOs, CPOs, Operational Teams and Boards of Directors to Manage and Implement Privacy Requirements for January 1 Compliance Deadline and Beyond

CyberSaint Security, the leading cybersecurity software firm powering automated, intelligent compliance and risk management, today announced the availability of the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) framework within the CyberStrong platform. This new release enables customers to measure, track, and report on the upcoming CCPA regulation for employees, partners, customers, management teams and Boards of Directors.

The CCPA will go into effect on January 1, 2020 and mandates a stringent new degree of consumer privacy and protection. It defines and protects personally identifiable information (PII) on a much broader scale, including biometrics, internet search and browse data, and employment information. Ultimately, compliance with the CCPA will help businesses build better consumer trust, enhance their reputation, and strengthen their brands.

“Privacy has emerged as a national, and international, priority for business and consumers alike,” said George Wrenn, CyberSaint CEO and Founder. “Our customers are looking to adopt best practices for compliance and risk management, and it’s critical to help not only security leadership, but also CEOs and Boards of Directors proactively understand the importance, status, and implications of consumer privacy and data protection on their business.”

CCPA support is a natural extension to the tracking and alignment of the GDPR and the NIST Privacy Framework requirements in the CyberStrong compliance and risk management platform. CyberStrong  allows users to understand  all privacy requirements and minimizes duplicated efforts in an easily managed, provable system of record, allowing CISOs, CPOs, and CEOs to fully communicate their privacy and security posture in business content for the Board. The platform also offers dynamic tracking and scoring transparency that benefits employees, customers, and partners regardless of their technical expertise.

With the California Consumer Privacy Act comes a new set of consumer rights that cover how consumers interact and take control of their own personal information. Once a business understands what the consumers’ rights are, privacy and security leadership can contextualize their compliance initiatives more proactively. More information on CCPA requirements and the best approach to compliance is available in this  CyberSaint webinar.