Data Reveals Where In The World People Are Most Curious About The Dark Web

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 03, 2021 08:16 am PST
  • People living in America are most curious about the dark web, with 382,800 searches entered online looking for more information[1]
  • India (251,400) and the UK (78,400) come in second and third as the most eager areas in the world to access it[1]
  • In Europe, people in the UK (78,400) and France (60,670) are seeking information about the dark web the most, followed by Italy (49,590), and Turkey (33,150)[1]
  • To view the full research, take a look here

According to research by Uswitch, the comparison and switching service, over 1.5 million people across the world are searching for the dark web online[1]. From selling valuable personal data, using details to hack financial accounts, to selling counterfeit and illegal items, the dark web is known as a ‘hotbed of criminal activity’[2], enabling people to anonymously view and buy illicit materials online via specific browsers. 

People in America are revealed to have searched the most online, with 368,000 people using the keywords ‘dark web’ and specifically ‘how to access the dark web’ (14,800) in the past year. Following this, India’s combined dark web searches hit over 250,000 in the past year, with the UK coming in third place eager to learn more about it[1].

In Europe, excluding the UK, internet users in France are seeking out the dark web the most with 60,670 searches, followed by Italy (49,590), and Turkey (33,150)[1]. People often search using keywords both in English and their native language, as translated content online can be limited[3]. However, native searches for the dark web were found to be variably low across the EU, where just 930 searchers in France used both the French and English language to find information. Similarly to France, only 320 Spanish internet users opted to use their native language[1].

A dark web page is purposely hidden (it doesn’t show up on search engines[2]), where users can only gain access via certain browsers. Out of the options available, Tor has been revealed as the most searched for dark web browser in the world[1], with a curious 910,730 people actively looking for it. Waterfox comes in second (52,220), and Whonix in third with 21,770 global average monthly searches[1].

Tor is the clear leader of dark web browsers, as it’s not only the most searched for anonymity browser in America (165,000), but also in areas dominating the dark web such as India (90,500), and the UK (49,500)[1].

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