What are the main benefits & risks associated with using cloud applications?

One of the main risks in my opinion relating to our use of the cloud is ignorance of the implications for doing so.

Before we begin, let us be clear that the cloud has to do with a number of things including, but not limited to, outsourcing Mk2, data centres, external disk/computer, and third-party management.

If we can start to think about the cloud in this context, remembering it is just another file server sitting in another location, we are off to a good start. But that does not necessarily make the cloud a bad thing. What it really comes down to is an robust appreciation of the service, understanding the nuts and bolts, and entering into a relationship that is fully underpinned to awareness, information, robust contractual obligations, and SLA’s.

It is also highly recommended that notwithstanding what third-party providers tell you, you yourself should go investigate the details of each and every service. Please remember that once you have signed on the dotted, neglected due diligence as a result ignorance will show its teeth.

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