Digital Identity App Yoti And Deltic, The UK’s Largest Nightclub Chain, Make Nights Out Safer With Digital ID App

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Dec 13, 2017 07:10 am PST

An innovative UK first, Bournemouth is accepting digital identity app Yoti as a form of ID, allowing people to leave their ID safe at home on nights out

London, UK – Today Yoti, the new digital identity app, announced a partnership with the UK’s largest nightclub chain Deltic, that sees Yoti provide a new, safer way for customers to prove their age on nights out. Yoti will be accepted at 57 Deltic nightclubs throughout the UK, with Bournemouth as the first UK city to accept Yoti as a form of ID at all participating pubs, clubs and bars across the city.

Around 10,000 passports are lost each year while on a night out in a bar or club in the UK according to the Identity and Passport Service (IPS), leaving people exposed to identity fraud and a replacement passport cost of £72.50. Yoti aims to solve this problem by giving individuals a new, safer way to prove their age on nights out using their phone.

Yoti helps venues verify the age of their patrons more quickly and easily, which is becoming more challenging with the availability of high quality fake IDs. With Yoti, venues only need to request the personal details required to prove a customer’s age – rather than show all of the personal data on their passport or driving licence, promoting a data minimisation approach whilst also being GDPR compliant.

“Yoti will not only make checking ID quicker and therefore reduce queues, but provide improved security against fraud” said Tim Howard, Marketing Director, The Deltic Group. “We are pleased to be the first company to trial Yoti and put it through its paces, as with all new tech.”

Yoti is the new way to prove your age. The free app is available for Apple and Android phones and takes less than five minutes to set up. People take a selfie and scan a passport or driving licence with their smartphone, which is transformed into a secure digital identity.

It uses advanced hybrid encryption to secure details and puts individuals in control of their data. Yoti manages data differently and cannot see or access personal data once the account has been created and verified. Because of that, Yoti cannot sell people’s data to third parties. People using Yoti always know exactly what data they are sharing and they are the only ones with access to the private encryption keys needed to share their information because those private keys are secured on their device.

“The way we prove our identity and our age is outdated,” said Robin Tombs, CEO, Yoti. “Nightclubs across the country are seeking a reliable alternative to the traditional passport or driving licence, and the demand is there from digitally savvy customers. We’ll help venues verify the age of customers quickly and securely, while giving consumers full control over their data.”

For more information go to or visit the app store on Apple and Android phones.

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