Legal, Risk, & Compliance Slide Deck for Cloud Computing – CCSP Series – Chapter # 6b

A group of buildings with lights.

Overview The advent of cloud computing has revolutionized the IT landscape, ushering in a new era for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). This detailed presentation navigates the evolutionary path from traditional IT provisioning to today’s rapid deployment in the cloud and explores the corresponding transformation in risk management strategies which businesses must adopt to safeguard their […]

Legal, Risk, & Compliance Slide Deck for Cloud Computing – CCSP Series – Chapter # 6a

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Overview This presentation provides a comprehensive analysis of cloud computing risks and the intricate legal challenges arising from its widespread use. It explores how the cloud’s distributed nature raises significant concerns regarding regulatory compliance, international legislation, and data privacy. The focus is on the dynamic landscape of legal responsibilities and the need for vigilant, informed […]

Cloud Security Operations – CCSP Series – Chapter # 5b

A cloud computing operation with text.

Overview “Defining Cloud Security Operations” is an illuminating presentation offered to deepen your understanding of cloud security and its operational aspects. The content is tailored to highlight the crucial design and implementation processes, along with the ongoing enhancement of IT security measures specific to cloud computing environments. This presentation aligns IT security functions with business […]

Cloud Security Operations – CCSP Series – Chapter # 5a

Cloud security operations css series chapter 5a.

Overview This expert-led presentation delves into the complex world of Cloud Security Operations, serving as a comprehensive guide to navigate the shared responsibilities between Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Cloud Consumers. It covers a diverse array of topics including infrastructure implementation, hardware configurations, virtualization management, and the robust set of tools required to maintain secure […]

Cloud Application Security – CCSP Series – Chapter # 4

A cloud application security.

Overview Dive deep into the sphere of Cloud Application Security with this expertly structured presentation designed for organizations navigating the complexities of cloud security. Understand the shared responsibility between you and your cloud provider, explore the necessity of secure practices across identity/access management, networking, and infrastructure within the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and grasp […]

Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security – CCSP Series – Chapter # 3

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Overview This presentation offers a robust dive into the essentials of Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security, providing a comprehensive overview of the foundational principles that ensure the integrity and security of cloud-based environments. From initial architecture considerations across various cloud models to the nuanced responsibilities shared between Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and customers, this content […]

Cloud Data Security – CCSP Series – Chapter # 2

Cloud data security css series chapter 2.

Overview This presentation offers an in-depth exploration of how to safeguard data within cloud environments, outlining a shared responsibility framework between Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and consumers. It navigates through the entire Cloud Data Lifecycle, illustrates its associated security needs, and emphasizes the crucial role of each organization in implementing robust data security measures. Key […]

SANS Security Principles – CCSP Series – Chapter # 1

San's security principles css series chapter 11.

Overview This comprehensive presentation delves into the essentials of information security as it converges with the evolving cloud infrastructure landscape. It provides a detailed examination of the SANS Security Principles, cloud security architecture, Cloud Security Alliance enterprise architecture, and the integration of security within DevOps. Moreover, it covers the evaluation of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), […]

Digital Crime and Security Practices – CISSP Study Guide – X

A screenshot of a computer room showcasing Security Practices.

Overview Information security is a critical aspect of managing digital crime and maintaining organizational integrity. This presentation delves into the various categories of digital crime, the impact of legal systems on digital security practices, the protection of intellectual property, software piracy, privacy concerns, key laws and regulations impacting security measures, as well as the legal […]

Guide to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategies – CISSP Study Guide – IX

A comprehensive guide to business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.

Overview Dive into the foundations of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) with our CISSP Study Guide’s Chapter 10. This presentation equips professionals with a deep understanding of how to differentiate between nondisasters, disasters, and catastrophes, encompassing technological, man-made, and natural origins. Explore the critical principles that underpin effective disaster response and continuity strategies, as […]