Hacking an Agriculture IoT Device

IoT Security Series – Chapter 10 Overview This SEO-optimized description presents the critical findings from the “Practical Scenario: Hacking an Agriculture IoT Device” presentation. It focuses on the topic of the Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture, discussing developments and vulnerabilities in this domain, particularly highlighting a case study of an IoT hack in a […]

Hacking Mobile Applications in IoT Security – Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Security Controls

IoT Security Series – Chapter 9 Overview “Unlocking the Challenges of Mobile IoT Apps Security” creates an immersive learning experience that focuses on the intricate mesh of IoT networks with mobile application ecosystems. Investigate the threats, vulnerabilities, and security controls that shape mobile applications in the IoT security landscape. This presentation uncovers the intertwining paths […]

Wi-Fi Hacking in IoT Security – Vulnerabilities, Exploitation, and Mitigation

IoT Security Series – Chapter 8 Overview This presentation explores the intricacies of Wi-Fi hacking in the landscape of Internet of Things (IoT) security, delving into the vulnerability, exploitation, and countermeasures. Building on the knowledge from Chapter 8 of IoT Security, it provides a comprehensive understanding of how attackers can exploit Wi-Fi protocols to gain […]

Radio Hacking in IoT Security – Vulnerabilities, Exploitation, and Mitigation

IoT Security Series – Chapter 7 Overview This information-loaded presentation, “Radio Hacking in IoT Security: Vulnerabilities, Exploitation, and Mitigation,” delves into the core intricacies of radio hacking in IoT security. It unveils how hackers exploit vulnerabilities in wireless communication protocols including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and LoRaWAN, thus jeopardizing IoT device integrity and data. In addition, […]

Network Hacking in IoT – A Comprehensive Overview

IoT Security Series – Chapter 5 Overview Navigating through the ever-evolving technological landscape, this presentation offers a comprehensive overview of Network Hacking in IoT devices. It tackles the intricate intricacies surrounding IoT network vulnerabilities and the serious repercussions they carry, such as unauthorized access, data breaches and even potential physical damage. In addition, we’ll delve […]

Security Testing Methodology for IoT

IoT Security Series – Chapter 4 Overview In our digital era where the Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionizes device interaction and data exchange, robust security testing methodologies are paramount. This pivotal presentation delves into comprehensive security testing strategies tailored for IoT systems, from understanding threat modelling and IoT’s attack surface’s conceptual layers to passive reconnaissance […]

Hardware Hacking for IoT – UART,JTAG,SWD,SPI and I2C Exploitation

IoT Security Series – Chapter 6 Overview Delve into the world of hardware hacking for IoT in this presentation. Focusing on the exploitation of UART, JTAG, SWD, SPI, and I2C protocols, this presentation sheds light on how these protocols directly interact with a system’s electronic components, providing avenues for exploiting IoT devices at the physical […]

IoT Threat Modeling

IoT Security Series – Chapter 3 Overview  Our “IoT Security Series –  IoT Threat Modeling” presentation delves into the complexities and challenges of securing IoT devices from potential threats. This engaging and in-depth exploration provides a roadmap to understanding threat modelling in the IoT landscape, demonstrating prevalent issues, typical vulnerabilities, and cutting-edge threat modelling frameworks […]

Ethical Pathways in IoT Security – A Case Study of Responsible Disclosure

IoT Security Series – Chapter 2 Overview In our presentation, “Ethical Pathways in IoT Security: A Case Study of Responsible Disclosure,” we’ll delve into a real-world scenario in IoT security research, led by expert Alex Thompson. Our focus is on understanding the discovery and disclosure process of vulnerabilities in IoT devices, specifically an insulin pump […]

Foundations of IoT Security – Navigating the New Frontier

IoT Security Series – Chapter 1 Overview This presentation comprehensively explores the Internet of Things (IoT) security landscape. Starting with an overview of IoT and its security significance, the discussion progresses through unique challenges faced by IoT security, contrasting IoT and traditional IT security, and examination of current frameworks and standards. The presentation details the […]