Email Remains The No. 1 Cyber Threat For Businesses

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 16, 2017 06:07 am PST

Following Barracuda’s latest research that found Email remains the No.1 threat vector for businesses, with a full 76% of ransomware attacks starting with a malicious messagePaul Edon, Director at Tripwire commented below and believes the issue will only get worse due to its effectiveness.

Paul Edon, Director at Tripwire: 

“This isn’t a surprise email based attacks continue to grow because it works. Sending out mass emails is a cost effective way for criminals to distribute malicious software and find more victims. As long as it remains effective, it will continue to be used. The reason why ransomware is the prime choice for attackers is because it preys on the weakest link within a digital ecosystem: humans and their inquisitive nature. The best way businesses can help avoid future attacks is by educating their employees about the risks and consequences of phishing emails, which has be shown to be the no.1 threat to businesses.”

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