Enterprise App’s SaaS Platform Inserts Barcode Scans Directly into QuickBase Tables

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 20, 2015 12:51 am PST

Enterprise App's SaaS Platform Inserts BarcodeApp-Users Can Scan, Validate and Post Barcode Data, Timestamps, GPS, Photos and Form Data using iOS and Android Devices – No Scanning Accessories are Required

Our clients don’t need barcode scanning accessories which can be expensive and inconvenient to deploy. Instead, they use just the cameras of their smartphones and tablets and our SD PRO engine.

EINPresswire.com The developers of codeREADr, the enterprise-grade barcode scanning app and integrated web service, have today launched tools allowing captured data to be automatically inserted into QuickBase, a customizable, third-party database service hosted in the cloud.

The codeREADr developers aim to improve data capture and collection with fast scanning, the convenience of using the just the cameras of iOS and Android devices and now the automated insertion of captured data into cloud-based databases like QuickBase.

The app creates formal scan records consisting of the barcode value and associated data, including timestamps, location, visual evidence and the answers to conditional questions presented to the app-user after each scan.

If the app-user’s device has Internet connectivity, scan records are inserted in real-time. Alternatively, if 3G/4G/LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity is slow or unavailable, scan records are stored on the device until connectivity is restored.

The app’s SD PRO scan engine can read 47 different barcode symbologies, including those printed on IDs, badges, tickets, industrial assets, consumer goods, invoices, receipts, packing lists, shipping labels, etc.

“For over 5 years our app’s camera-based scan engine has been used by enterprises for quickly and accurately scanning both simple and complex barcodes – even very small and badly damaged ones,” said Rich Eicher Sr., codeREADr’s Director of Business Development.

“On the reporting side, our clients use our servers to view, filter, export and share their scan records in template form. A number of clients also wanted to insert those records directly into third-party databases. We enabled that with our API but that requires coding. Launching our QuickBase tool is the first of many we will offer in the coming months that require no coding,” said Eicher.

Pricing for the app and web service starts at $9.99/device and $19.99/device monthly for the standard and SD PRO scan engines, respectively. After a free trial, administrators can upgrade and downgrade as necessary. There is no additional charge for the QuickBase tool but clients need their own QuickBase account. Branding and customizing the app with web content is free. A full, white-label version is quoted on request.

Please use these links for the codeREADr SaaS Platform and instructions for using the QuickBase tool.

By Rich Eicher Sr. Director of Business Development

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codeREADr The codeREADr app and Web service enable enterprises and third-party integrators to easily implement local and cloud-based auto-ID and data capture solutions (AIDC) using smartphones, tablets and other smart devices.