Following this afternoon’s Budget, Robert Weideman, Executive Vice President & GM, Nuance Communications commented below. 

Robert Weideman, Executive Vice President & GM at  Nuance Communications:

 “We support any government initiatives to superpower innovation within British industry – with artificial intelligence (AI) set to play a key role in spearheading business growth.

“From automating processes to providing personalised services, AI is already delivering demonstrable value to businesses today, and has the potential to transform industries, job roles and the very way we communicate with brands tomorrow. With brands already investing in AI-powered virtual assistants, technology is in place that is geared to mimic human interaction – by identifying a person, understanding their words and what they mean, and responding appropriately. All of this combined delivers a much more effective interaction with the customer.

“If the UK is to maintain its position as a global digital leader, engagement with technology such as AI will be key for ambitious transforming businesses.”

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