Companies Adopting Multi-Factor Authentication

A new study shows that 93% of the companies surveyed have adopted multi-factor authentication in some way which is up 40% over last year according to SecureAuth Corp. Rob Capps, VP of Business Development at NuData Security commented below. 

Rob Capps, VP of Business Development at NuData Security:

Robert Capps“Single point authentication is no longer a viable solution, as hackers have shown not only a willingness, but also a capability to circumvent more sophisticated authentication systems relying on more than just a username and password. It is well beyond time for companies to deploy multi-layered and adaptive security solutions that take in to account the users’ dynamic behavioral patterns and other interactional intelligence, to give companies insight into who their genuine users are. Multi-layer security solutions should include not only device & connection, but also user behavioral analytics, passive behavioral biometric verification, and linking of common data elements across a Trust Consortium.”

Experts Comments

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