Crypto malware miners are being slipped into ad networks according to Israeli adtech firm Spotad. Spotad’s AI system detected anomalies in the code of legitimate ads that was a crypto miner for Monero. Alex Calic, Chief Strategist and Revenue Officer at The Media Trust commented below.

Alex Calic, Chief Strategist and Revenue Officer at The Media Trust:

“Leveraging the power and broad reach of the digital advertising ecosystem to distribute malware or unwanted code is an ongoing issue. While cryptocurrency mining scripts are not new, their prevalence in the digital environment is definitely on the uptick. Due to the internet’s dynamic nature, premium online publishers and reputable ad technology partners continuously monitor ad tags, creative and landing pages from the user perspective to analyze the code involved in rendering the advertising experience. This proactive step helps identify and block this type of anomalous activity as it enters the digital ecosystem.”

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