Recently, a new malware campaign was identified called Marap that targets the financial sector, James Hadley, CEO & founder of Immersive Labs commented below.

James Hadley, CEO & Founder at Immersive Labs:

“The banking sector will always be a prime target for cyber attacks. With this threat never ceasing, it’s vital for the industry to acknowledge the challenges and threats continually evolve. This presents one of the main challenges for the banking industry. How can they keep up? Or even better, get a step ahead of these evolving threats?

“Increasing sophistication in security software is one part of the answer. Another is taking a more consistent approach to learning and developing cyber skills. However, simply attending training once per year will ensure that for the following 11 months that organisation will fall behind the evolving attacker techniques, exposing risk and increasing vulnerabilities. Therefore, fostering a cultural change towards continuous learning that is up to date with these new attacks is also crucial to any company’s cyber strategy.”

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