Mirai Variant Botnet Launches IoT DDoS Attack On Financial Sector

In light of the news, that a Mirai variant botnet has launched IoT DDoS attack on the financial sector, Anthony Chadd, Senior Director, EMEA at Neustar commented below.

Anthony Chadd, Senior Director, EMEA at Neustar:

“It’s likely that the latest DNS amplification attack was not an isolated incident, and with Satori on the horizon, businesses must make it a priority to safeguard their IoT systems against severe disruption. But to achieve this requires a clear understanding of what data needs safeguarding, and the levels of security that need to be put in place. Organisations everywhere must be proactive with their defence strategies – rather than just sitting idly until the attack has happened and it’s time to fight fire in the midst of the chaos.

In order to do this, organisations must first build out an organised and cohesive security strategy. As a result, they can successfully focus in on their more vulnerable data, processes and models – protecting valuable information from similar DDoS attacks moving forward. On a more specific level, businesses must ensure the appropriate controls are in place for threat vulnerability and patch management. And the same time they must make it a priority to ensure that important data is identified and encrypted. In the end, this can only really be achieved by taking a holistic view of the threat landscape, rather than tackling each of these in isolation.”

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