The Olympics – Gold Medal Event For Hackers

Based on past Olympics and other large events, security researchers are predicting that the Olympics in Rio will present hackers with a prime opportunity to fleece athletes and visitors alike. For large events, hackers set up fake websites with everything from travel to tickets. Tim Erlin, Senior Director of IT Security and Risk Strategy for Tripwire commented below.

Tim Erlin, Senior Director of IT Security and Risk Strategy at Tripwire:

tim_erlin “Anytime there’s a major event that grabs people’s attention, attackers take advantage of it. There’s a measurable increase in the propensity to click when the subject is of strong interest. It’s a kind of clickformation bias that drives one to hit that button. Consumers need to be vigilant about these kinds of scams. If it seems too good to be true, don’t click. Erring on the side of caution can go a long way towards protecting yourself.”

Experts Comments

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