Expert On Heathrow Airport Apologises For IT Failure Disruption

BBC News this morning reported that Heathrow Airport has apologised for disruptions after being hit by ‘technical issues’.

One passenger reportedly said the situation was “utter chaos” after a problem with the airport’s IT system saw staff called in to help passengers get to gates on the second day of the half-term weekend.

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Tim Dunton
Tim Dunton , MD
InfoSec Expert
February 17, 2020 1:53 pm

Yet again, a large organisation has experienced an IT system failure which has inevitably impacted a large number of customers.

There is no doubt that this has created frustration among customers, especially those attempting to travel with young children on the first weekend of half term. Unfortunately, many businesses still do not acknowledge the importance of modern and regularly updated IT servers which are immune to failures and outages.

Moving forward, all companies should prioritise safe, modern IT infrastructure which is resilient to technical difficulties and even extreme weather conditions.

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