Fight against Application and Network level Attacks

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 29, 2016 10:00 pm PST

Keeping your enterprise safe in this changing cyber world is a bit of challenging task; network security has become a focal point for most security professionals. Every day we face novel & challenging threats and software vulnerabilities, which have no boundaries and become serious issue between small and large enterprises. As small business generally does lack of proper security management hence, they seem ripe fruits for attackers. To overcome this issue, Unified Threat Management is an ideal choice for any business.

Why Unified Threat Management is needed?

Managing multiple security platforms is a daunting task for any business. Instead of managing multiple security systems (antivirus, spam filtering, content filtering, etc.), business, or enterprise can employ a single solution that performs all functionality into a single network appliance. To overcome this issue, Unified Threat Management (UTM) can be helpful approach.

What does UTM Consist of?

Now looking into UTM concept, it bestows effective single security management that allows IT supervisor to observe and handle various security applications and infrastructure components. UTM can be bought as cloud service, spam filtering, network intrusion detection, etc. in a single package that follows easy installation and update. When an enterprise needs a complex security management that offers higher-level support as well helps in driving business objectives with effective security solution, at that point UTM (Unified Threat Management) plays vital role.

What UTM can do for you?

If we look at some advantages of UTM, then a single UTM appliance can replace multilayer software and hardware. Even a centralized configuration helps to observe all security solutions along with greater control over distributed networks. UTM is simple management, no need of multiple software and hardware installation; lessen technical training need, web-based GUI. UTM is also bound to comply with regulatory compliances like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and CIPA. Unified Threat Management offers simplicity, single centralized security solution, and reduced technical requirements. UTM removes the hurdles of traditional security solutions like deployment, update and management; it also offers a unified solution of security, management and productivity. Below are few tasks that Unified Threat Management can do effectively.

  • Stops Attacks at the Network Gateway:

To keep your business going on, UTM averts threats at the Network gateway and business files and applications remain safe. Thus, malicious codes could not infect desktop or server as UTM stops inbound (script virus, worms, Trojans, port scanning) and outbound threats (spyware, adware, Trojan propagation, and phishing attack).

  • Easy set up:

UTM removes the complexity of multiple security system installation and provides a handy and single security set up. It is also difficult to implement protection and different security policy compliance for each system. Besides, log information related to different systems is stored in different formats and location so it will make security event analysis difficult.

  • Cost effective solution:

Instead of purchasing security solution, the enterprise can go with a single security that can save huge cost being spent after individual security platforms.

UTM Security Capabilities

  • Gateway Antivirus:

This service identifies and blocks worms, spyware; Trojans appeared in email attachments that avert threats from executing on the network. Gateway Antivirus works fine with multiple security layers in Internet layered security and offers greater efficiency and granular control. Gateway antivirus is compatible with different compression methods as well Gateway antivirus reduces the number of files scan task by working on only unblocked files by internet layered security pattern.

  • Intrusion Prevention:

The Intrusion Prevention capability allows protection for attacks, which comply with protocol standards, but brings malicious content. This feature blocks cross-site scripting, SQL injections. It can protect instant messenger threats, which can exploit and control the instant messenger client. This service can block peer-to-peer applications like Bit Torrent, Kazaa. Moreover, it can block spyware communication done on malicious hosts.

  • Anti-Spam:

Anti-Spam provides real time protection to stop spam attacks by analyzing internet traffic. The advanced algorithms can differentiate legitimate emails from spam mails. It nearly protects networks by detecting more than 97% unwanted emails.

  • URL Filtering:

URL Filtering allows systematizing web access rights, type of web access, categories of web pages and web page access time. It uses database and engine of URL filtering service providers to deliver accurate categories. It allows blocking a particular category like adult content from entering into your network.

  • Spyware Protection:

Spyware Protection helps network by blocking spyware downloads and drive-by installation. It can block URLs that holds spyware as well detect and stop outgoing spyware communication taking place on malicious hosts.

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