Google And Facebook For Failing To Tackle Online Fraud


Last night Channel 4 reported on how MPs launch attack on Google and Facebook for failing to tackle online fraud

“MPs have launched a blistering attack on the social media giant Google for failing to tackle online fraud. A member of the Treasury Select Committee accused Google of profiting from advertising fraud. Google says it’s doing everything it can to stem the problems. But today the banking industry warned fraud was a threat to national security”.

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Jake Moore
Jake Moore , Cybersecurity Specialist
InfoSec Expert
September 23, 2021 12:20 pm

<p><span lang=\"EN-US\">Online fraud is only ever increasing and the antidote lies in a collaborative approach to the problem working together. Blaming any one entity remains an empty argument simply due to how fraudsters will manipulate and abuse any given public platform to work in their favour. MPs have already unsuccessfully attempted to create backdoor entries into encryption and now trying to point the finger at social media companies. The truth is that we need to work collectively in educating people in how to better protect themselves online and raise awareness in how threat actors operate online. Criminals remain successful due to multiple factors but we shouldn’t waste time and money blaming any particular part of the problem.</span></p>

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