Google Exposes User Data, Continues Deciding Which Sites Are Secure: What The Experts Say

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Oct 11, 2018 10:14 am PST

We now know that Google knowingly avoided disclosing its own data breach.

At the same time it announces the decision to “fully remove trust in Symantec’s old infrastructure and all of the certificates it has issued” when it releases Chrome 70 later this month.

Bill Holtz is CEO of Comodo CA, web security provider and the world’s largest commercial Certificate Authority commented below.

Bill Holtz, CEO at Comodo CA:

“Google’s tagline, ‘people should assume that the web is inherently safe,’ fosters confidence in many people but scepticism in many others. The web may be inherently safe based on large numbers, but try telling that to the people who get hurt daily on the web because their identity is compromised, their credit cards are compromised, or their privacy is invaded. Honesty and full disclosure are necessary in the security business – it’s the difference between being in business or not, and we are fine with that.

“We are in the trust business and should be held to a high standard. Others in our business that have failed those standards have been put out of business, by Google.”