Half Of Brand Websites Not GDPR Compliant (TheMediaTrust)

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Dec 22, 2017 05:55 pm PST

Research from Ensighten has cited that four in ten (42 per cent) of all brand websites in the UK are still not GDPR compliant. Matt O’Neill, General Manager (Europe) at The Media Trust commented below.

Matt O’Neill, General Manager (Europe) at The Media Trust:

“While the countdown for GDPR started months ago it’s not surprising that many UK brand websites are behind the ball. This is primarily due to two related factors: superficial understanding for how the digital ecosystem works and the fact that no one individual or group controls a brand’s public-facing digital assets. The internet is a complex, highly-dynamic environment with dozens of vendors–who bring additional vendors–executing code to render the consumer experience everyone has come to expect and enjoy. Yet, most of this code is unknown to the brand. The misalignment of internal resources further complicates the ability to fully grasp GDPR’s applicability to digital assets. Privacy officers dictate polices, marketing/sales generate, collect and use data, and operations team keep the back-end systems running, but it’s up to technology teams to automate, document and/or demonstrate compliance. Unfortunately, the prospect of uncertain penalties isn’t enough to drive a cohesive strategy to understand GDPR’s requirements and evaluate the risks inherent in brand websites and mobile apps.”

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