History of Encryption Infographic

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Encryption – to conceal the meaning of a message using a secret code. Almost as early as language was developed, encryption was in vogue. Indeed, as you can see in our infographic below, as early as 700BC we were concealing the meaning of covert messages using a secret code.

The importance of encrypting data is undisputed. In the case that a message is intercepted, it ensures that the message’s contents remain hidden. In this form, encryption has withstood the test of time, playing a part in Julius Ceaser’s empire, World War II, and other historical periods.

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Today, encryption is far more intricate than it ever has been. With the widespread accessibility of computers, messages have to be encrypted more and more often so that only the intended recipients get to see the data. With our infographic, you can see the progression of encryption throughout history and the role it has played up until now.

encryption infographic

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