Intersport Data Posted On Hive Dark Web Blog

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Dec 07, 2022 06:01 am PST

On the dark web blog of the well-known Ransomware gang Hive. Data purportedly belonged to the renowned sports shop Intersport Data.

Following a hack on Black Friday, the Hive ransomware group appears to be posting Intersport’s data via its victim blog.
It comes after a hack that happened in November during the week of Black Friday. Last night, the allegedly stolen data was posted on the blog.

Intersport Data, a newly built in France but now has its global headquarters. In Switzerland has 5,800 outlets throughout 65 nations, including 270 in the UK and Ireland.

The group is claiming to have hacked the sportswear. Company around 16:03 on November 23rd, according to screenshots of the blog. The fact that the information was shared on the dark web yesterday would imply that. The business did not pay the ransom demanded after the hack. It is unclear if the breach impacts the company’s systems outside of France. And no specifics of any ransom a growing public demand already exists.

According to local media reports, Intersport has confirmed that it was the target of an attack. Customers are fully aware in-store by a sign that read: “We are currently facing a cyberattack on Intersport’s servers. Which is preventing us from access to our cash registers, the loyalty card service, and the gift card service.” Staff was unable to access cash registers for several days as a result of the problems.

An Intersport shop manager told La Voix du Nord, “We are working with manual checkouts. We have to mark everything by hand to guarantee that stocks follow, which sometimes creates a bit of a delay.

Tech Monitor has reached out to the business for more information, but as of this writing, it has not responded.

In 2020, Intersport fell victim to another another cyberattack. ESET, a cybersecurity firm, claims that a Magecart operation specifically targeted the business.

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Rebecca Moody
Rebecca Moody , Head of Data Research
December 7, 2022 2:02 pm

“Following a cyber attack in late November, ransomware gang Hive has posted data it alleges to have stolen from Intersport on the dark web. Back in November, Intersport–an international sports retailer–confirmed it had been hit by a cyber attack after a number of stores were affected in the north region of France. 

However, as is the case with many of the ransomware attacks tracked by the team at Comparitech, it appears Hive has carried out a double-extortion attack, whereby data is also stolen to try and increase the chances of securing a ransomware payment. But the fact the data has been posted to the dark web appears to suggest Intersport hasn’t paid the ransom. 

At the moment, it is unclear whether the attack affects systems outside of France. 

So far this year, Comparitech has tracked 37 publicly-confirmed ransomware attacks on retail businesses around the world. These attacks have affected over 16 million records–at least, and have seen average ransomware demands of $15.7 million. Hive was also behind the August attack on Damart where it demanded $2 million after attacking its French stores.”

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