Introducing New Enhanced Firewall Analysis Service

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 06, 2014 05:03 pm PST

In response to today’s complex network configurations and increased security needs, Security Management Partners (SMP) recently announced details of its new Enhanced Firewall Analysis service designed to provide customers with increased visibility into firewall operations in order optimize performance and mitigate risks. The new Enhanced Firewall Analysis service is a complement to SMP’s extensive Firewall Assessment with Rule Base and Change Form Review offering.

Benefits of the service include:

-Increased visibility into security policy and network traffic
-Improve application and user role awareness
-Streamlined firewall operations and improved performance
-Ability to monitor security policy changes and manage compliance
-Discovery and mitigation of risky firewall rules and cyber threats

Peter Bamber, CISA, CRISC, CISSP, vice president of IT Security Services for SMP, explains that the Enhanced Firewall Analysis service enables SMP to develop a comprehensive understanding of existing security policies and procedures in order to help organizations better manage their firewall systems or, move to implement a new one.

To conduct the analysis, the team at SMP automatically generates an interactive map of the existing network configurations including all firewalls, routers, subnets and zones to provide organizations with additional visibility into existing security policies. The analysis will also detect applications running on the network, even those trying to evade detection. From there, the team does a thorough sweep that works to determine the usefulness of the configurations in order to identify any potential threats and vulnerabilities effectively and efficiently.

By completing the analysis, the organization is then able to optimize their firewall operations and ensure that all network devices are properly configured to mitigate risks and improve security settings. This service also works to help organizations apply security policies to users based on their role in the organization. Useful to companies of all sizes across all industries, the analysis offers organizations deep insights into the safety, security and viability of their Next Generation Firewalls and can performed as needed, with many larger organizations favoring a monthly or quarterly approach. As needs continue to change, this service offers up that additional peace of mind so many organizations seek.

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