IoT Dishwasher Found With Dangerous Security Flaw

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 28, 2017 07:15 pm PST

A recent discovery has found a security bug located within a range of Miele dishwasher’s. The Miele PG 8528, a washer-disinfector intended for hospitals, is networked and smart but is also vulnerable to a web server directory attack. Cesare Galarti, Chief Security Startegist at prpl Foundation commented below. 

Cesare Galarti, Chief Security Startegist at prpl Foundation

Cesare Garlati“Appliance makers keen to push boundaries on connected devices need to be aware that these days, even something as seemingly harmless as a dishwasher has the potential exploit sensitive information about the user.  As such, they need to be very careful that the expertise is in place to deal with such connectivity and security issues.  One fix is using security by separation, whereby virtualisation at the hardware level is used to separate critical functions of the appliance from less critical functions so that the device is less likely to be compromised. For users, it should serve as a reminder to think about the not so obvious ways in which they are leaving themselves exposed to cyber criminals and to follow best practice, including closing all ports on their home gateways.”


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