Low Consumer Trust In Companies Using Personal Data

New research from Janrain reveals that almost a third of consumers do not trust a single company with their personal data, highlighting the impact of a series of high-profile data breaches this year. In response to this, Jake Moore, cyber security expert at ESET UK commented below.

Jake Moore, Cyber Security Expert at ESET UK:

“Large organisations will always be a prime target with the more lucrative datasets at stake. With such big companies as British Airways, Ticketmaster and Marriot hotels all having data breaches with varying severity, it is no wonder that people are becoming less confident in the way their personal data is secured. However, on the flip side, this is a great opportunity for the public to really think about their online security. Cyber security is a two way street and should be thought about by both the account holder as well as by the company. Using strong unique passwords for each user account and limiting the amount of personal data shared with companies will reduce the impact should a data breach occur.”

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