Malicious COVID19 Tracker App Locks Phones For Ransom – Expert Insight

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 17, 2020 02:30 am PST

Researchers at DomainTools recently discovered a malicious android app that claims to track COVID 19 statistics actually locks users’ phones and demands a ransom in order to restore access. The new “CovidLock” ransomware also threatens to erase victim’s contacts, photos, videos and memory, as well as leak the victim’s social media accounts if a $100 BitCoin ransom is not paid with 48 hours.

Responding to the news, the security expert commented below.

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James McQuiggan
James McQuiggan , Security Awareness Advocate
InfoSec Expert
March 17, 2020 10:30 am

With the happenings in the world regarding the Coronavirus/COVID-19, organizations and people want to be aware of and use the trusted sources provided by governments to monitor and track events happening with the pandemic. People want to be aware that it\’s better to visit a vetted and trusted website versus one provided by a friend on social media. Criminals are going to use fear, uncertainty and doubt to get people to install apps or visit websites to help them track the pandemic, so it\’s important to stick to the facts and knowledge available from trusted sources.

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