Maryland Confirms Ransomware, Leaving Hospitals Struggling

It has been reported that Maryland officials confirmed on Wednesday that state’s Department of Health is dealing with a devastating ransomware attack, which has left hospitals struggling amid a surge of COVID-19 cases. In a statement released on Wednesday, Maryland Chief Information Security Officer Chip Stewart said the attack began on December 4 and crippled their systems. 

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Andy Norton
Andy Norton , European Cyber Risk Officer
InfoSec Expert
January 14, 2022 9:41 pm

<p>The announcement has been some time coming from Maryland Health, who out of an Abundance of caution went public on the 6th of December about a server being compromised. During that time, it appears they have become familiar with the state\’s emergency response procedures. As somewhat of an unexpected windfall, the health department, because of the \"ransomware” attack, have been cleared to do an IT refresh and ordered 5500 new laptops, Mifi, Printers and Wifi solutions.Certainly not the outcome the bad guys were hoping for.</p>

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