More than Half (57%) of CEOs Hold Themselves Accountable for Major Cybersecurity Incidents

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 15, 2015 05:00 pm PST

Comment from Netskope on cyber security accountability in the enterprise

A new survey by Veracode and Cebr has revealed that the majority of CTOs believe that the government is performing poorly in educating and protecting UK firms from cyberattacks while more than half (57%) of CEOs hold themselves accountable for major cybersecurity incidents. With data breaches hitting the headlines on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that UK business executives are becoming more and more concerned with the cost of data breaches and looking for guidance in this area. You can find more on this news here.

Comment from Eduard Meelhuysen, VP Sales and MD EMEA at Netskope, the leader in cloud app analytics, on cyber security accountability in the enterprise.

“While CEOs may feel they are accountable for major cybersecurity incidents at work, the rise in cloud app proliferation means that any employee’s actions can have a huge impact on enterprise data security. Cloud tools boost productivity but businesses have to work out how to deliver these securely to avoid compliance issues or a data leak. Employees often turn to their own preferred, unsanctioned apps in the workplace and as a result, “shadow IT” becomes a danger to any organisation without the right policies in place. Our recent research revealed that 89.6 percent of apps used at work are not enterprise-ready. This indicates the extent to which enterprises are leaving themselves vulnerable to data breaches.”

“Coaching employees on appropriate app use leads to fewer risky behaviours and should be a critical part of every organisation’s cloud security stance. CEOs must ensure their organisation understands exactly what apps are in use and what activities are taking place in the cloud. In this way, IT teams will have all the information necessary to plan and implement granular data policies which keep the most sensitive data highly protected while ensuring that everyday documents can be easily accessed so productivity is not curtailed.”

“With careful planning, clever policy and staff coaching, it is possible to enjoy the productivity and convenience of the cloud without increased risk of data loss or theft. Those CEOs who have seen the successful implementation of these three key factors can rest assured that they have done everything in their power to minimise the security risks associated with the cloud.”

By Eduard Meelhuysen, VP Sales and MD EMEA at Netskope

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