New Net Technologies Change Tracker™ 6.5 Adds Database Vulnerability Assessments

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 06, 2014 12:53 am PST

In addition, the latest release of Change Tracker offers a gentle and continuous approach to real-time file integrity monitoring

New Net Technologies, (NNT), a global provider of data security and compliance software solutions, today announces the availability of Version 6.5 of NNT Change Tracker™, its flagship system auditing and change detection solution.

Change Tracker™ enables organizations to bring IT systems into compliance with a ‘known good and secure’ state, using out of the box or user-definable auditing policies.  System hardening is still recognized by all leading security standards as one of the most effective means available to prevent information security attacks.

With IT systems within compliance, configured and set up properly, Change Tracker™ then uses sophisticated tracking methods to maintain compliance and correct configuration. If a change does occur, Change Tracker™ immediately reports what changed, when, by whom and crucially, whether that change was part of a planned change. Modern cyber security attacks are designed to be as subtle as possible, so the need for forensic-level change detection has never been more valuable.

Change Tracker™ 6.5 is designed to further improve scalability and speed of detection. The latest release operates a new generation of agent technology which uses a common codebase across all platforms, including Windows, Solaris and all leading Linux platforms. V 6.5 also operates with native 64bit speed support allowing system-wide file integrity monitor­ing faster than ever and a ten-fold increase for device num­bers and file change reporting sup­port. Greater scalability allows policy enforce­ment and change tracking distrib­uted across hosts, providing a substantial increase in efficiency over agentless scanning.

Change Tracker™ 6.5 provides a gentle, continuous approach to file integrity monitoring and protection against cyber-security attacks with real-time threat detection for all plat­forms and database systems, with additional functionality to conduct data vulnerability assessments. Gentle, because unlike the traditional ‘stop-start’ approach to vulnerability management driven by snapshot scans, continuous detection and mitigation of vulnerabilities on a ‘little and often’ basis is more effective for system security, and easier to manage for Information Security Teams.

Mark Kedgley, CTO, New Net Technologies comments, “At NNT we’re always looking to evolve our technology to offer users the best protection against cyber-attacks. Many of the enhancements within this release are designed to further ensure IT security, safeguard data and detect all changes as quickly as possible. We saw with the Target breach that the active duration of the breach before detection massively increased the damage done. Time is of the essence, both for mitigation of vulnerabilities and detection of a breach if one is successful.”

“Any security technology must be developed in line with the evolving threat and regulatory landscape and expectations of the market. But it must also help customers achieve and maintain IT security with as little complexity as possible. We’re confident that these improvements will go even further to help organisations establish a compliant and hardened IT system configuration, and maintain this in the face of an increasingly complex cyber-security environment.”

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