New Netflix Phishing Campaign Sees Hackers Targeting Business Emails To Steal Your Credit Card Data

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Oct 16, 2017 11:00 am PST

It has been reported that a new phishing scam targeting users of the popular streaming app has been spotted by security experts. The cybercriminals behind the campaign are targeting users’ personal as well as business emails, in hopes of harvesting their personal and corporate credentials. The phishing campaign also tricks users into divulging their credit card data, which can then be used by the scammers to steal money. The stolen credentials can be used by the cybercriminals to access other accounts, in case victims have reused passwords. The stolen data could also likely end up for sale on the dark web. Andrew Clarke, EMEA Director at One Identity commented below.

Andrew Clarke, EMEA Director at One Identity: 

“By choosing a popular app such as Netflix, this phishing campaign is aiming to collect as much personal information about the recipient as possible – by requesting login credentials for the Netflix account – the aim would be to reuse the credentials to see if it was possible to unlock access to any other accounts the user may have.   Password re-use is a mistake many people make – and by giving up one account detail, the user has fallen into the trap. Best practice is to have a separate password for each type of account access and use a secure password vault to store those passwords to retrieve when required.   Businesses are learning that they can defeat the password re-use challenges by implementing 2-factor authentication.  In this case a challenge-response mechanism reassures that the person accessing an account is the person who it is intended to be.”

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