Passwords & Details Of 5m Employees From Big Companies Being Hacked

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 23, 2016 01:42 am PST

Following the news about the passwords and details of 5m employees from big companies being leaked, Steve Manzuik, Director of Security Research at Duo Security commented below.

Steve Manzuik, Director of Security Research at Duo Security:

steve-manzuik“This research highlights the fact that reusing passwords is a very unsecure method and a bad habit we are seeing every day. There are a few simple and effectives way in which these organisations can best protect themselves in the future. A huge problem with passwords is that it is difficult to remember multiple very long and complex passwords, so a password manager (many of which are free) can save all your passwords in one encrypted vault and then you only need to remember a single password to access the vault.

In addition, this research highlights the importance of two-factor authentication, it protects you in the event that an attacker manages to get your username and password. This extra layer of security enables you to block an attacker, or anyone that isn’t you, from being able to get into your accounts after they enter in your login credentials.”

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