Phishing Scams Cost UK Consumers £174m In 2015

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jan 21, 2016 07:00 pm PST

In response to the findings that Phishing Scams Cost UK Consumers £174m last year, Ronnie Tokazowski, senior researcher at PhishMe have the following comments on it.

[su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Ronnie Tokazowski, Senior Researcher at PhishMe:

Is the situation likely to improve or will Brits lose just as much, if not more, in 2016?  

“If users are not aware of the types of attacks used by cyber criminals, they are more likely to fall victim in these types of scams. By showing them what to look out for, we can better condition users to not fall victim to these types of scams.”

Do you have any advice for consumers?  

“Attackers are always trying to find a way to make money, and phishing is just one of their social engineering methods. If someone calls and asks for different pieces of information, such as a credit card number, be very cautious. If someone calls claiming to be tech support, this is a scam. By paying attention and questioning the person on the phone or email you received, you can help better protect yourself.”[/su_note]

[su_box title=”About PhishMe” style=”noise” box_color=”#336588″]PhishMePhishMe® is the leading provider of threat management for organisations concerned about human susceptibility to advanced targeted attacks. PhishMe’s intelligence-driven platform turns employees into an active line of defense by enabling them to identify, report, and mitigate spear phishing, malware, and drive-by threats. Our open approach ensures that PhishMe integrates easily into the security technology stack, demonstrating measurable results to help inform an organization’s security decision making process. PhishMe’s customers include the defense industrial base, energy, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, as well as other Global 1000 entities that understand changing user security behavior will improve security, aid incident response, and reduce the risk of compromise.[/su_box]

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