PlayStation Network Breach

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 23, 2017 08:15 pm PST

News has broken that an elite hacker group, OurMine, claims to have hacked into Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) and successfully stolen user information. While OurMine has publicly stated they don’t intend to use the data maliciously, the potential impact of this breach is vast because anyone who uses a PlayStation 4 online accesses the PSN. Cybersecurity Expert John Suit CTO at Trivalent, provides an insight on this news below.

John Suit, CTO at Trivalent:

“OurMine alleges they were able to access and take Sony PlayStation Network data that was stored on a database. Even if this database was protected with traditional encryption technology, it would still not be enough to deter skilled next generation hackers. While OurMine’s website states their actions are meant only to identify vulnerabilities in major systems, the potential impact of this breach on Sony’s customers is vast since everyone with a PlayStation 4 accesses the PSN. As large-scale threats like one this continue to make headlines, consumers are more fearful than ever about their security. They put their trust in organizations to protect their data from next generation threats, and the only way companies can ensure customer data safety is by addressing data threats as a probability, rather than a possibility. This can be achieved by adopting next generation data protection that secures data at the file-level, keeping it safe from unauthorized users—even in the event of a breach.”

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