Priti Patel Cyberattack Warning

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 21, 2022 05:22 am PST

Following the news that Priti Patel and GCHQ are urging UK companies and public services to take “pre-emptive measures” to defend themselves against cyberattacks amid the Ukraine / Russia tensions, Industry leaders commented below.

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Christina Hoeffer
Christina Hoeffer , VP of Operational Technology
February 21, 2022 1:22 pm

Improving defences against malicious attackers should be a priority for all organisations today because the threat posed by cybercrime has never been greater.   

For any malicious attackers looking to cause harm to the UK, industrial organisations and operators of essential services will always be a prime target, because attacks on these industries can have a detrimental effect on the efficient running of society. However, many of these organisations lack the network visibility and segmentation needed to fully secure their environments.

Today, plant machinery and operational technology (OT) are increasingly being connected to corporate networks, cloud services and make use of remote access to improve processes, cut costs, and increase safety but this is expanding the attack surface and opening windows for attackers.  

These organisations must work to reduce the threat now by improving visibility across their assets to implement segmentation, thus improving security and closing doors on malicious cybercriminals looking to cause the UK harm.

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