Real-World Network Testing To Combat Cyber Risks

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 07, 2014 02:25 am PST

To address the rise of cyber vulnerabilities – the Internet Explorer bug and AOL hacks being just the latest of many high profile examples – companies are making major investments in security and networking technologies. However, they are still relying heavily on compliance products and vulnerability assessment to reduce the risk of security breaches, but the reality is, investments in security and networking technologies alone do not close the gap in assessing security resiliency.

Comprehensive, real-world network testing is a critical step in ensuring that networks perform as expected. To help enterprises ensure that vulnerabilities do not penetrate their infrastructure, Ixia recently announced the availability of its PerfectStorm ONE solutions suite. By seamlessly unifying Ixia’s IxLoad and BreakingPoint software applications into a portable cost-effective system, the PerfectStorm ONE solutions can simulate millions of real-world end-user environments to test every element of the data center with confidence – any time and anywhere.

PerfectStorm ONE gives enterprises actionable insight into network performance, system limitations and security resiliency in order to right-size data centers and reduce security incidents in live networks via a series of cost-effective, scalable solutions. With options ranging from four 1Gbps ports to eight 10Gbps ports and even two 40Gbps ports, Ixia’s PerfectStorm ONE uses Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence program to simulate over 245 applications and 35,000 malicious attacks. This gives enterprises of all sizes the confidence that their live networks can handle real-world, mixed application and attack loads.

The portability of PerfectStorm ONE is another key feature. Security and network equipment manufacturers bear the burden of delivering measurable proof when demonstrating performance to prospective customers during the field proof-of-concept phase. To meet the demands of our customers, Ixia developed the ultra portable suite of PerfectStorm ONE solutions as a powerful way to differentiate security and networking equipment and showcase real-world product performance while in the field. By effectively testing the network, equipment manufacturers can showcase product performance in the field with prospective customers.

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By Fred Kost, VP of Security Solutions Marketing, Ixia

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