How To Recognize The Right SSL Certificate For Your Business

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While browsing the internet, an intelligent user will always reach out for a site that is secured through an SSL certificate. However, many of the visitors would likely face issues if your website is not protected enough and that could create distrust among netizens.

The security breaches such as the recent ransomware attack known as WannaCry, are those against which you could place strong barriers through protective measures. In this kind of cyber crimes, many of the businesses and organizations are also trapped which causes a great loss to them as well as their customers. Therefore, if you are running a Business than be sure to protect your organizational site through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate provides encryption to your work and data through creating an encrypted channel between your customer and the server. This provides the website an authenticity to secure confidential data of the person visiting the website. Many of the sites require data such as financial information and passwords which need a higher level of protection. Therefore, according to the sensitivity and complexity of business, an SSL certificate should be selected.

Web site with an SSL certificate could easily be recognized by the internet users through some obvious indications. If you browse some popular website such as Google, Twitter and Facebook you could see two signs.


An ordinary website URL starts with HTTP but the website secured with SSL has HTTPS in its site link.

Lock sign

In an SSL secured website, you could see a locked padlock sign in the URL bar.

Why An SSL Certificate is Important?

Encrypted Data

This is the prime function for which an SSL certificate is used and keeps cybercriminals away from accessing sensitive information. It encrypts the website information so that only the authentic person could understand it through decryption. When a person inserts his credentials such as credit card numbers, password, and other sensitive data, it transmits from one computer to another so as to reach the designated server. This could be vulnerable if your website isn’t protected with SSL as anybody in between could see that personal data.

Provides Authentication To Your Website

An appropriate SSL certificate provides authentication with data protection. Through it, you will be sending the information to an authentic server and not the fraudulent who is trying to get that data. This is necessary because when you are connected to the internet, you get information from many customers via different computers.

However, any of these could imitate to be your website and deceive your customers through it. Therefore to avoid such situation you should use an SSL certificate from the authentic provider and an appropriate Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Also, when visitors come to your website and find the SSL protected symbols, they feel secure to browse there. This provides your business a boost, as people could comfortably give their personal information without any concerns and will buy products from your website.

Eliminates Risk Factor

No matter how expanded your business is and how many websites you operate. They are prone to vulnerability if you haven’t secured them through SSL certificate. Also, an SSL provider gives you protection seals that strengthen user’s trust on your website. The HTTPS secures website from phishing email attacks and upgrades website ranking on Google, therefore eliminates almost every possible risk.

Which Validation level could give your Website complete assurance?

It is necessary for you to select SSL certificate according to your website’s content and nature. To give you a quick idea about here are those levels about which you should know.

Standard level SSLs

For social sites and blogs, standard level SSLs are the perfect ones to ensure the best protection. Through it, the domain ownership is validated and a $100,000 is provided in case of compromises.

Deluxe SSL OVs

It provides validation to the site and the organization owning it and that is why is ideal for business and companies. Deluxe SSL OVs against any compromises provide $250,000.

Premium High Assurance SSL EVs

It is the most high-level SSL that provides validation to domain ownership and top-notch verification. Also, includes highly secure green address bar and gives $1,000,000 in the case of compromises. They are perfect for e-commerce websites.

How to select SSL certificate according to your Website nature

There are three types of SSL certificates which are differently organized according to the web site nature.

Domain Validated (DV) SSL

It is the one that is issued online by the trusted Certificate Authorities (CA) that validates only the domain ownership. That is why they are not used for the commercial purpose and are ideal for small websites such as blogs or social sites. Also, they have the lowest cost among all the SSL certificates and is issued instantly.

Organization Validated (OV) SSL

For OV SSL the Certificate Authorities use more severe checking i.e. it also validates organization ownership with the domain ownership. It is best for the businesses and organizations because of the fact that they contain genuine organizational information. These strengthen visitors trust for your website.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL

It is the most secured type of SSL certificate that is ideal for E-commerce websites. The website secured with Extended Validation (EV) SSL shows an entire green URL bar in addition to the padlock sign. These are designed in a way so that they could they could provide an increased authentication to the visitors about the organization behind the domain.


Finally, now when you are all aware of the SSL certificates, you must look for the appropriate one for your website. Providing a boost to your business, it will profit you, as well as your customers. However, for perfect security, you must choose an appropriate SSL certificate according to the type and needs of your website.

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