Researchers Hack Into Home Gadgets Using Passwords Found Through Google

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 19, 2018 07:15 am PST

Researchers have found that a number of connected home gadgets, including baby monitors and security cameras, can be hacked in minutes using a simple Google search. David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab commented below.

David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab:

david emm“The nature of our connected lives means that hackers have an infinitely larger surface area on which to launch their attacks. It’s no longer a case of just securing our desktop computers – now connected devices range from kids’ toys to CCTV cameras, baby monitors, smart homes and smart TVs. To put it another way, the more times you cross the road, the more chance you have of being knocked down – and it’s the same concept with cybersecurity.

The government’s recent announcement of IoT guidelines was very welcome, but they must set the standards for developing security practices for IoT devices. Not only this, but security should be implemented by design globally by manufacturers – as IoT devices are made for worldwide consumption, one government’s guidelines – unless they have teeth – won’t solve the problem entirely.

In order to stay protected, Kaspersky Lab strongly advises users to do the following:

  • Always change the default password. Use a complex one instead and do not forget to update it regularly.
  • Pay close attention to security issues of connected devicesbefore purchasing yet another device for your home or office. Information on discovered and patched vulnerabilities is usually available online and is often easy to find.”
  • Check to see if the product can be updated and always apply updates as soon as they are published.