Rogers Communications Data Exposure – Experts Reaction

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 23, 2020 03:06 am PST

An unsecured database has led to the exposure of customer data at Rogers Communications, a Canadian ISP.

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Robert Capps
March 23, 2020 11:08 am

While this breach appears to limit exposed data to name, address, email, and some account information, consumers who were subject the disclosure should be on guard for fraudulent email and phone calls that may attempt to solicit more confidential information. Cybercriminals leverage this type of data to build synthetic identities or take over an existing account to buy goods and services. The large amount of data that is made available through these kinds of compromises, and the public perception of companies that fall victim to these attacks, has led many companies to take a more pro-active stance to secure all data, and make security part of their core business practice. As demonstrated in the EU with GDPR, companies have an important role in securing data that they are the custodian of.

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