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More than 25 000  SAP jobs have been posted worldwide within the last 15 days by recruiters from more than 30 different countries. USA is once more the country with the most  SAP jobs available,  FICO being the most demanded SAP skill worldwide.

With more than 1 500 SAP job ads posted every day, the SAP job market remains very dynamic and an attractive choice for fresh consultants worldwide. With an increasing presence in emerging markets and developing countries, SAP continues to offer careers of choice on a global level in every industry. According to the Central Michigan University, more than 183 000 customers and companies operate with SAP nowadays. SAP remains the preferred ERP for big players to run their worldwide operations. SAP counts major clients such as Audi AG , ThyssenKrupp Budd Co. or Microsoft  who trust SAP ERP to manage their daily business.

Most important SAP cities:

SAP jobs cities

SAP Jobs in the world

In the past couple of weeks, the offer of SAP jobs in major cities  such as New York,  London as well as smaller cities like Geneve or Provo in Utah remained strong.

With 1 042 new openings, London is the city with the most SAP jobs available. Followed by Bangalore, India, where more than 681 SAP positions were posted.  Houston, with 609 openings, is the American city with the most SAP jobs offered last weeks. Chicago, Mumbai, Sydney or Madrid remain some of the top cities on the SAP job market.

With a strong demand for SAP consultants, London and Bangalore rank respectively first and second in terms of SAP openings in each of the past 2 weeks.



Most important SAP modules:

SAP Jobs modules

SAP Jobs by module

As we know, from Financial Accounting to Production Planning, there are many highly demanded SAP  skills.  This week, FICO , ABAP and MM have been the top ones in terms of SAP job openings: FICO (6 123 jobs posted), ABAP (3 855 jobs posted) and  MM  (3 382 jobs posted). It is also interesting to note that the offer of SAP HANA jobs is growing very well.

SAP Job openings by continents & countries.

Let’s have a deeper look at the 4 areas where SAP mainly operates:  EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Northern America (United States and Canada), Latin America and Caribbean and,  Asia Pacific and Japan



SAP Jobs in Asia:


In Asia, 3 102 SAP opportunities have been published within the last 15 days. FICO and ABAP are the most important modules at the moment in Asia with respectively 2 005 and 400 jobs offered. India with 2 330 SAP job ads is by far the country with the most SAP job offers in Asia. Philippinnes, Saudi Arabia or Georgia are countries where the demand for SAP Experts is booming too.






With the huge investments that SAP has done in India and the important IT workforce in India, it is not surprising that this country is the biggest Asian one in terms of SAP jobs: 2 300 SAP openings have been posted in India in the last 2 weeks.

The most important cities in terms of number of SAP positions opened in the past 2 weeks are  Pune with 181 opportunities, Mumbai with 326 offers and Bangalore with 681 offers.



SAP Jobs in America:


On the American continent there are currently more than 14 000 SAP new positions waiting to be filled.

Most of the SAP opportunities are gathered in USA with 11 583 current new openings. However, Canada with 325 fresh SAP jobs offered, Brazil with 408 SAP opportunities and Mexico with 334 ads are interesting areas to find an SAP job for French, Spanish or Portuguese speaking people.

As in Asia, the most common module is FICO, with 4 087 new job offers,  followed by ABAP positions with 2 198 job ads.






United States, with 11 583 SAP jobs published in the past couple of weeks,  is ranking first in terms of SAP jobs available on the

American continent.  19 194 opportunities posted in the past month are waiting for SAP Experts to apply! The most important cities in USA in terms ofSAP jobs are Houston, Chicago and the Dallas Fort Worth metropolis.




SAP Jobs in Europe:


In Europe, 7 307  new opportunities have been posted recently. United Kingdom is  the main country at the moment in terms of SAP job openings with 3 088 new jobs, followed by Germany (2 541 openings), France (580 openings) and Italy (503 openings).

The most demanded modules in Europe are FICO (1 983 openings), ABAP (2 775  openings) and MM (1 828 openings).








UK is the best in country in Europe to find an SAP opportunity at the moment. 1 042 new SAP jobs in UK out of 3 088  are based in London. Manchester with 73 SAP opportunities is by far the second city for SAP jobs in UK.





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