Scottish Council Data Breach

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 16, 2019 06:50 am PST

In light of the news of a data breach by Scotland’s largest local authority, please find comment below from Jon Fielding, Managing Director, EMEA Apricorn.

Jon Fielding, Managing Director, EMEA at Apricorn: 

“It is frustrating to see incidents like these continue to occur when the remedy is so simple.  This breach of sensitive information by Scotland’s largest local authority rings many alarm bells. It’s concerning that an organisation such as this is still using hardcopy for PII. What’s worse, is that they do so and yet seem to have no process in place to dispose of it with any consideration for the security and privacy of the information it contains.   

Organisations should have security front of mind when saving and storing data. Data security solutions focused on strong encryption and identity and policy-based data management are certainly the way forward. Simply using secure drives, such as encrypted USB devices, ensures that the contents remain obscured and inaccessible, even if the drive is lost or disposed of inappropriately. If the data needs to be printed at any stage, make sure it is completely shredded before discarding” 




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