Secure Channels CEO Comments on Pending US Cybersecurity Legislation

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 29, 2015 05:05 pm PST

As you may be tracking, there are currently 3 bills before Congress dealing with cybersecurity information sharing.The House Intelligence Committee introduced a new bill – The Protecting Cyber Networks Act – that could come up for vote as soon as tomorrow, Thursday. The House Homeland Security Committee also has a companion bill pending. The Senate Intelligence Committee passed a similar bill earlier this month.

The security industry is watching to see how this all plays out, and in the meantime, Richard Blech, CEO of Secure Channels (, has these comments:

This legislative process, while an important construct of how our democratic system works, is the antithesis of the unregulated hacker world that will proliferate their wares long before these bills are effective.

We as a country have to change, adapt and innovate our technology FASTER than the hacker. We cannot keep dealing with Cybersecurity as an afterthought. Furthermore, sharing this kind of information, while necessary, will only put a target on the back of the exposed company.

It’s not just about the reporting, but more about how effective we are in protecting the data itself IN ADVANCE of a threat and as a requirement for all companies holding consumer sensitive data.

About Secure Channels

Secure channelsSecure Channels Inc. is a cybersecurity firm leveraging robust, state-of-the-art patented encryption technologies and authentication solutions compatible with every type of data available today.  Fostering innovative disruptive technologies while still being user defined has become a cornerstone for Secure Channels.  The development of patented unique processes that harden encryption and envelop resources renders the data unbreakable and useless to the hacker leaving them with only bits and bytes. By using its Proximity Technologies and securing data through IoT Devices, Secure Channels will be delivering real time analytics, payment processing, and data collection to any mobile platform or device.  Secure Channels provides impenetrable cybersecurity far in excess of any existing encryption systems available.