Security Expert Comment: 5G Security Flaws

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 27, 2019 05:30 am PST

MWC 2019 has been all about 5G becoming a reality in 2019. However, the University of Iowa has reported that a security flaw has been found in both the 4G standard and in 5G too. 

Raj Samani, Chief Scientist and Fellow at McAfee:

raj_samani“MWC is awash with news that 2019 will be the year of 5G. Promising faster speeds and increased connectivity, the University of Iowa is right, 5G will inevitably introduce security risks to the networks people are using. 

“However, what they haven’t considered, is that the risk will have far wider consequences for consumers. As the user experience becomes quicker and more seamless, people will be tempted to connect to the internet on-the-go even more, across multiple devices. The level of data being transmitted across networks and stored within the cloud will increase with these faster speeds. In turn, the number of devices being connected will grow at an exponential rate expanding the threat surface significantly.    

“To ensure that data is protected in a 5G-connected world, security must be embedded at every touchpoint – from the cloud, to the network, to the router in people’s home and all connected devices.” 


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